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Abhimanyu romanticizes technology and holds a strong belief that despite all its flaws, it can make the world a better place. The idea of democracy and a more equitable world makes him swoon and, for that reason alone, he champions Blockchain technology. He does not mind that it makes him money either. When not writing or reading or making the local dogs howl with the fatal combination of his guitar and harmonica, he`s thinking about the meaning of life and usually comes up short. He resides in India.
Kapoor Karan
Karan Kapoor is a writer for various cryptocurrency publications. A double major in Computer Science and Business, he started dabbling in Bitcoins in 2014 and hasn`t looked back. Having grown disillusioned with the state of affairs after working in IT, he holds lofty dreams about blockchain technology bringing wholesome changes to better the world.
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